Press Release


23/04/2024 by Sofía Benavides

For more than three decades, with four children and limited savings but with a dream and great passion, we decided to embark on a business journey destined to redefine the standards of the maritime industry. Thus, Veconinter was born, a company whose foundations are woven with threads of dedication, commitment, passion for service, and a deep love for the seas that unite the world.

From our early steps, we have not only adapted to change but also led the forefront of transformation. Our focus has always been oriented towards the horizon, embracing emerging technologies and turning them into allies to enhance efficiency and quality in maritime transport. The management systems implemented are not mere tools; they bear witness to our unwavering commitment to service excellence.

Beyond technology, what distinguishes Veconinter is our ability to understand and adapt to the changing needs of our clients. Every challenge becomes an opportunity to create tailor-made solutions, thus weaving a network of trust and collaboration unique in its kind. This flexibility and attention to detail are the heart of our success, allowing us to stay ahead in an ever-evolving market.

Over the years, we have marked significant milestones in our evolution. During the first five years, we laid the groundwork for our future growth by standardizing rules for billing and collecting container demurrage and damage, an unprecedented change in the industry. Subsequently, the opening of new offices in strategic ports such as Puerto Cabello and La Guaira, along with the development of innovative projects like Millennium, demonstrated our commitment to expansion and continuous improvement.

Obtaining ISO certification in 2001, implementing insurance programs, and expanding into key markets such as Honduras, Colombia, Brazil, and currently consolidating 37 countries, are milestones that have marked our position as undisputed leaders in the industry, strengthening our influence and capacity to provide quality service globally.

The success of this organization cannot be measured solely in financial reports but in the stories of the people who have dedicated their lives to the company. Each talent has faced challenges with courage and determination, contributing to the growth and strength of this company. It is all these stories of sacrifice, perseverance, and commitment that make Veconinter more than a company; we are a family united by a vision, shared values, and principles.

Looking to the future, we can only say that we aspire to continue leading the transformation we desire in this industry and that, with a clear purpose and a passionate team, we are ready to sail towards a more efficient, humane, and adaptable future, where innovation remains the driving force propelling our journey towards even more promising horizons. At Veconinter, the commitment to excellence is a legacy that will continue to propel our path to success.

we thank those who have been part of this journey, this experience, and this pThis year, as we celebrate our 35 years in this wonderful industry,ath full of learnings because "when one has principles and conviction, the result of constant work and perseverance propels, obstacles strengthen, and the path is walked with firm steps." Brea, A (2008)

To our invaluable team and our valued clients...